“The Breast cancer awareness Program” launched by “Shanidaa Saadaya” – Saturday Morning Show of the Sinhala Service of Radio 3zzz –  has completed 4 segments so far.  The aim of the awareness program is to educate the  Sri Lankan community on the subject and encourage them to participate in breast cancer screening initiatives. The program launched by “Shanidaa Saadaya” has already received attention and praise from the Sri Lankan community since it’s commencement. It is a well known fact that most women in our community are reluctant to participate in breast screening, therefore education on this matter is highly valued by the community.

In first two segments of the program “Chathurasraya” compiled by well known presenter Theja Katugampola,  the experience of Miss Chathu Pathberiya – A breast cancer survivor – was discussed. The third part of the program covered the historic developments regarding breast cancer. From the fourth part onward the medical background of breast cancer will be discussed by Dr Ovida Vipulaguna. His discussion will continue for three more segments of “Chathurasraya”.


At the end of the awareness program “Shanidaa Saadaya” wish to organise a workshop in August 2017 to further draw much needed attention to breast cancer. The date of which will be published soon.

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